The « SG » pocket handkerchief

The SG dress Handkerchiefs offers the quickest and lead expensive way to lend a simple suit a more expensive look. It match very well with a casual or dressy style, no mistake with a SG pocket handkerchief.

The white original Simonnot Godard pocket handkerchieves are classics. Completely woven in France for many years with traditional methods, they are today copied everywhere in medium print quality look.

These white or colored basics are now available on this online store, of course the entire Simonnot-Godard Collection and signature archives design remain exclusively reserved for our professional clients, 200 beautiful stores in the word. Please consult them, they are your best guides to promote our unique woven handkerchief.
For all products delivered outside of France and its overseas territories, the price will be automatically calculated without tax on the invoice. Customs duties and/or other local taxes may apply.